Thomas F. Wickie

Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX
  • Military specialty: Disbursement Accounting Spec; Occupational Therapy Spec; Otolaryngology Surgical Spec
  • Awards: NDSM; AFOUA, AFGCM

b. 2 Jun 1942. Thomas F. “Tom” Wickie was born to Frederick A. and Emma E. Wickie in Hallock, MN. He graduated from high school in Sterling, CO and later attended Moorhead State College in Moorhead, MN where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in 1964 in audiology and  speech pathology. He later studied for twelve months at the University  of New Mexico, in Albuquerque; and  graduated in 1981 from Mankato State College, in Mankato, MN with a  Master’s Degree in speech pathology.

On 13 Dec 1965, Tom joined the U.S. Air Force and trained at the Shepard Air Force Base as a Disbursement Accounting Specialist and later cross-trained in a hospital as an Occupational Therapy Specialist and an Otolaryngology Surgical Specialist.

He received the following awards for his service: NDSM; AFOUA, and AFGCM.  Tom ended his service with the ranking of Staff Sergeant and was discharged on 12 Dec 1971.

On 13 Jun 1965, Tom married Karen  Vellekson; they had two children. After their marriage, Tom and Karen lived off-base at Burkburnette, TX. In August of 1970, Tom and his family moved to Windom, MN where he worked in the Windom Public School System  starting with the educational co-op. After three years, he was employed by Fulda, Brewster, and Round Lake (all in SW MN)  as a speech pathologist. In 1981, Tom entered the Windom school  system as a speech pathologist. He retired in 2001.

Since his retirement, Tom has remained very active, both in his profession and  in many civic organizations. He has continued to work as a speech pathologist when needed in regional schools and has also worked at the LaCanne Funeral Home in Windom.

He has been active in many organizations including the Windom Education Association; American Lutheran Church, Windom; MN Jaycees; and the Cottonwood County Historical Society where he was on the Board of Directors since 2000.

  • Obituary: None on file