Thank you to the following volunteers and staff
who assisted with the research and planning for this project:
Lowell Tjentland – Civil War and Spanish-American War
Paul Buhler – World War I
Marilyn Wahl and Janelle Kaye – World War II
Dave Hendricks – Korea & Vietnam
Jessica Bak – scanning photographs and documents
Tom Wickie – technology specialist
Linda Fransen – project manager

Contributors who made the military display upgrade possible:
Minnesota Hisotrical Society – Legacy Grant
Storden American Legion
VFW Post 3844
Marilyn Wahl
Wilma Tasler
Ruby Benson
Orval & Carolyn Bondhus
Andrew M. Johnson Trust
Tyrone & Deidra Roefer Steen
Craig Zimmerman
Tucker Bottin
Dorothy Keller
Laura B. Meyers & family
Wig & Wanda Turner
Donald & Eva Solem
Curtis Grant
Anthony & Heather Smith
Paul Turner
Tom & Karen Wickie