About the Project

The goal of this database is to create a lasting legacy that reaches across generations and tells the story of Cottonwood County veterans and their service to their country from the Civil War to the present day.

What type of information will I see?

You will find at the minimum their name and what war they fought.  If more information was discovered through the research you may find the following:
Branch of service, Rank, Years of service, Military specialty, Awards/medals/ribbons, Photo(s), Obituary, Short biography

How was information gathered?  ( show the form that we had veterans fill out)

This project gathered names and historical information from many sources including the following:
County newspapers, Military Service Record Sheet filled out by veterans, local history books, family files, obituary files, internet.

When will it be completed?

Never…work on this database is ongoing.  If you have any additional information about a veteran or need to make some changes to the listed information, we would appreciate your help.  Our goal is to provide accurate information about our veterans.  Drop off any changes to the office, through the mail or e-mail along with your documentation.

What do I need to do to be included in this database?

If you are a veteran or know of a veteran who lived in Cottonwood County, please contact the museum and add your/their name!